Meet Our CEO


When Ali Vegas was 10 years old he overheard his mom talking with a family member and money was the issue.  It would have resulted in them moving into a shelter if finances weren’t acquired.  So he went outside sadden by what he heard.  A family friend seen him and asked what was wrong. Vegas told him and he offered him work, so he was able to make money to help his mom who was a single parent.  The family friend said keep Doing. What. Everyone. Everywhere. Believes. In.    #KeepDweebin 

Celebrity D.W.E.E.B.® is a lifestyle brand that was founded in 2013. Inspiring you to turn negatives into positives and to follow your dreams.

So are you dweebin or not?!?!



1410 Northern Blvd #1003

Manhasset, NY 11030